August 2021
Jacqui Lewis - BHSc Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine

Why Protein Is Important After Bariatric Surgery And What To Eat

Protein-rich food like brocolli

Choosing to undergo weight loss surgery is an important step in anyone’s health journey. This can be a scary and intimidating procedure, but the best way to feel prepared for the road ahead is through education. Knowing the nutrients and intake goals before you get the surgery will save you loads of stress down the line. Be sure to plan your post-op diet before the surgery, that way you will have a good idea of what your new lifestyle might look like. There are many blogs and resources for post-op living advice, and you can consult with your registered dietitian to discuss your nutrients and food options. Planning your meals starts with you, and your unique weight loss goals, but it is also important to incorporate the nutrients that your body needs for healthy function.

The number one nutrient that you should focus on after surgery is protein. Protein intake is important for everyone, but especially for weight loss surgery patients. Your new diet should focus extensively on protein after bariatric surgery. You may be wondering why protein is such an important nutrient, well here are five reasons why protein is important after bariatric surgery.

1. Builds Muscle Mass

Consuming protein is a great way to energise your body and prevent it from burning your muscle mass. If you are consuming proper amounts of protein, your body will use it to build and support existing muscle.

The human body does not store protein, so be sure to include it in your daily intake to support healthy digestive function.

You can easily determine exactly how much protein after gastric sleeve through a consult with your dietitian.

2. Strengthens Hair, Skin, and Nails

Protein is essential for the health of your hair, skin, and nails.

If you are living with a protein deficiency after weight loss surgery, you may start to notice your hair thinning.

This is a common sign of protein deficiency and is common after surgery. This is because patients are eating far less than they had been in the past, and therefore are not intaking the proper protein levels on their own.

3. Helps the Body Burn Fat

Intaking protein helps the body burn fat instead of muscle.

The body needs a resource to burn for energy, so when you provide ample amounts of protein, that is what will be used to energise you.

With a significant decrease in calories after Weight Loss Surgery, your body will need another source of energy. It is important that protein for gastric bypass patients is properly planned and consumed.

4. Supports Metabolism

A great way to increase your metabolism is protein supplements after bariatric surgery. You may be wondering, “why is it so important to eat enough protein?”, well after undergoing surgery to assist with weight loss, you will want to optimise your ability to lose weight. Protein helps your body build muscle, which boosts your metabolism.

5. Keeps You Full

Protein increases satiety and keeps you feeling full much longer than any other nutrient. When your hunger returns after surgery, you will want to develop a diet that is high in protein. This will keep your calories low, and your hunger low as well.
Staying full for longer periods of time is key for weight loss. You also might be thinking, “how many calories should I eat after gastric bypass?”, and that can be determined by your dietitian based on your unique weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Surgery is a useful tool for individuals who want to make a significant lifestyle change.
The hardest part about this journey is crafting a diet that suits the needs of your lifestyle and your goals.
Be sure to focus on your protein intake when planning your new diet, as this is an essential nutrient to keep you healthy, full, and burning fat.
There are lots of ways to get your protein intake, meat, nuts, legumes, including protein shakes, protein bars, supplements, powders and many more. It is generally easier to use a protein-packed supplement to your standard diet. BN Multi has a wide variety of protein bars, powders, and protein-infused water to keep you on track with your protein intake goals.

Be sure to check out our “Protein” section to order your new favourite supplements today!

Jacqui Lewis
BHSc Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine

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