Are you experiencing poor gut health and digestive issues after Weight Loss Surgery?


Making small dietary and lifestyle changes using the best fibre supplement in New Zealand will help increase weight loss and regulate your digestive system.


For Bariatric patients, fibre intake plays a crucial role in

  • Assisting with weight management
  • Help you feel fuller for longer,
  • Satisfying weapon against snack cravings. 


Fibre is an essential element of a healthy diet, but most people do not meet their recommended fibre intake amount.

Half of the population experience gut health issues every year, and 83% are not meeting the recommended fibre daily intake1.
The recommended fibre intake for bariatric patients should aim for at least 15 grams of fibre for every 800-1000 calories consumed.


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Bariatric Fibre Powder

Aside from supporting your digestive system's function properly, meeting your daily fibre intake has several benefits. The easiest way to stay regular is to incorporate New Zealand's best fibre supplements into your bariatric diet plan.

We offer New Zealand's leading bariatric fibre powders to

  • Help bulk up your stools
  • Continue waste moving through your bowels
  • Prevent constipation

An adequate fibre intake diet can boost and maintain good bacteria in your gut. After WLS, it can be challenging to incorporate your daily fibre intake into your weight loss diet plan, but it is possible by using fibre supplements with ease.

There are many fibre and magnesium powder products online, but you may be unsure if it is right for you. That is why BN Multi is here to provide you with the best fibre supplement in New Zealand. Shop our range of high fibre supplements to help meet your needs.