Health Concerns

Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) is an opportunity to limit the dieting roller coaster and the detrimental health effects of carrying excess weight. But like with most things related to weight loss - nothing is for free!

 Bariatric Surgery comes with a few "rules" you'll need to stick to for long-term health.
Bariatric patients are at increased risk for nutrient deficiencies which opposes health concerns that may set back your weight loss goal.

Explore our common health concerns in the WLS journey with recommended Bariatric vitamins and supplements to minimise and prevent these causes. Lifelong Bariatric nutritional support is a key factor in successful outcomes.

Is your hair thinner and falling out months after your Weight Loss Surgery (WLS)?
You're not alone.

Many patients and potential WLS patients search for tips to prevent hair loss. However, many Gastric Bypass and Sleeve patients will experience hair loss in the first six months.

While it can negatively impact many patients' self-esteem, hair loss after Bariatric Surgery is common due to the changes brought about by your surgery.

There are a few reasons you may experience hair loss post-Bariatric Surgery.
These include:
-  The body's response to surgery   
-  Rapid weight loss
-  Inadequate nutrient intake, including malabsorption.

The good news is that you can count on the hair returning, as the hair follicle is not damaged, but healthy food and specific Bariatric supplements are essential for healthy hair production.

The best you can do is learn about hair loss, take your Bariatric Multivitamins daily and follow your Bariatrics team's advice following your surgery.
If hair loss continues longer than the initial 3-6 months after surgery - talk to your team about your food and supplement intake to ensure it meets your needs for optimal health.
Explore our vitamins for hair loss after Bariatric Surgery!

Are you feeling flat, foggy and forgetful?
Signs your iron might need a boost include sleeping poorly or often finding yourself out of breath with little to no effort.

Iron deficiency is widespread after Bariatric Surgery. Studies have shown that 20 to 49% of Gastric Sleeve and Bypass patients develop iron deficiency/ anaemia within 12 months.

Iron deficiency after Bariatric Surgery can happen for a few reasons.
These include:
-  Decreased stomach acid production affects iron absorption for life after Weight Loss Surgery.
-  Changing tastes and restrictions on food intake can reduce the intake of iron-rich foods.
-  Forgetting to take your Bariatric Multivitamins daily.

To maintain your current levels of iron:
-  For menstruating women, the recommendation is 50 - 100mg/day.
-  For post-menopausal women and men, 18 - 27mg/day.

If your ferritin is extremely low, your practitioner may suggest an iron infusion after Gastric Bypass and Sleeve to correct levels more efficiently. Infusing the iron directly into the bloodstream bypasses the digestive process, increasing the absorption.

Food alone will not be enough once you have iron deficiency after Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Surgery. So attending your regular post-op visits and taking your daily BN Multivitamins is key for prevention. Still, an additional supplement may be necessary to ensure appropriate intake.
Explore our iron supplementations after Bariatric Surgery!

Bariatric Surgery has positive weight loss outcomes but permanently affects how well your body absorbs some nutrients for the rest of your life. Multivitamins for Bariatric patients will meet your needs efficiently and safely for the Best Of Your Life!

A lack of proper vitamins after Bariatric Surgery or taking basic/general multivitamins can result in unwanted health issues and affect your mood, energy and focus.

Why are multivitamins important?
Bariatric Multivitamins provide higher doses of all the vitamins affected by your Weight Loss Surgery and are based on over 100,000 patient trials since 2008 - making them safe and effective. The importance of multivitamins will;
-   Cover your increased needs better than other general use brands,
-   Prevent hair loss, fatigue, and brain fog.

Your Bariatric Multivitamins are your health insurance policy!

After Bariatric Surgery, you long for a better quality of life to improve your longevity, vitality and health. Specific Bariatric supplementation daily is the key to realising these benefits long-term.

Explore the best vitamins to take after Bariatric Surgery today!