August 2022

Healing From Addiction: Finding the Road to Recovery - Jacqui Lewis & Tabitha Johnson

Jacqui and Tabitha explored the possibility of ‘transference of addiction’ - how this might look, what the triggers may be, and what you can do if you observe this might be at work in your WLS journey.

Tabitha is a Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counsellor, Founder of Bari-Boss™ Academy, Certified Health & Life Coach and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Nevada. Tabitha underwent WLS in 2017 and has her own experience with what it takes to spot and heal addiction. She is remarkably passionate about assisting pre and post-op bariatric patients in helping them create sustainable habit change to succeed - using mental, emotional and physical aspects to each individual.

Join us in exploring: - What is the transference of addiction? - Transference addiction for WLS patients - Signs and symptoms of addictive behaviour - What to do if we develop transference of an addiction? - Take away tools to implement long-term patterns. - Tabitha’s Bari-Boss Academy Course