August 2022

Sue Murphy

1. What made you decide to have WLS surgery?
I was in so much pain standing and walking up stairs. I was embarrassed having to ask for belt extensions in the planes and not being able to fit into most cafe chairs. My health was spiraling downward. 4 insulin injections a day. High blood pressure and cholesterol to name a few.

2. What was your weight prior to your WLS, and... What’s the goal?
134kg. I wanted to be 70kg

3. Did you get to the weight you wanted?
Yes I did. I even lost an extra 2 kg 😁

4. How do you feel now that you have had the surgery?
Best thing I have ever done in my life. My husband, then son and daughter had surgery and feel exactly the same way

5. Were there any problems along the way?
I had super dumping which was unpleasant but I now know what to do to reduce the frequency of it where possible

6. Would you do it again now that you know what you know?
I would do it tomorrow

7. What are some of the inspiring things you can think of that you have noticed along the way?
I have so much energy that I never had. I have 4 German Shepherds but never had the strength nor stamina but have been training them in obedience for over a year now

8. Did you have some happy unexpected surprises?
During COVID I continued to lose weight and my clothes were horrible and baggy. I ordered clothes online. When they arrived they fitted perfectly. I was a size 26 and ordered a size 12. My confidence in myself has soared

9. What advice do you have for anyone preparing for surgery?
Get yourself eating slower and smaller size mouthfuls. Start changing your drinking habits learning not to guzzle

10. What is the one very best thing that has resulted from your surgery? What has been the hardest part of your journey?
No longer have to have any insulin injections or cholesterol, blood pressure medication. 😊 Hardest part of my journey was when I lost my appetite 2 year post op.