The ASMBS Guidelines

What are the ASMBS Guidelines?

The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) was established specifically for those with higher nutritional needs after a Weight Loss Surgery procedure. These guidelines acknowledge the limited malabsorption properties of undergoing Bariatric Surgery.

You may be thinking about why exactly the ASMBS Guidelines are significant.
Without these guidelines, many Bariatric patients would have the outcome of incurable nutritional deficiencies
that can be harmful to living a safe and healthy post-surgery lifestyle.

BN Healthy supports the ASMBS Guidelines

We strive to produce our range of Bariatric supplements, vitamins, and minerals with the ASMBS Guidelines. We aim to provide affordability and convenience whilst including the highest quality of vitamins, minerals, fibre, and protein essential for pre and post-surgery.

Our BN Multivitamins of BN Chews, BN Chews Iron Free and BN Caps provide the essential vitamins and minerals in two daily doses. They are formulated to ASMBS Guidelines based on over 100,000 post-surgery patient trials.

As recommended by the ASMBS Guidelines, BN Healthy designed BN B12 as sublingual B12 to increase absorption. Vitamin B12 is poorly absorbed in tablet form due to the deficiency in the stomach after WLS.

Our BN B12 is not the only vitamin and mineral that upholds by the ASMBS.

Our BN Cal chewable calcium tablet provides 200 mg of Calcium Citrate, best absorbed after WLS.

Recognising the results that WLS brings to Bariatric patients' body and nutritional needs is essential. The ASMBS Guidelines are existent to support and protect Bariatric patients' by decreasing the experience of nutrient deficiencies after surgery.

BN Healthy provides various Bariatric products specifically designed to meet Pre and Post-Bariatric Surgery needs.

We consistently support the recommendations by the ASMBS Guidelines to keep Bariatric patients healthy and safe as they continue their WLS journey successfully.

protecting immune system health

American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Integrated Health Nutritional Guidelines for the Surgical Weight Loss Patient 2016

Update: Micronutrients

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