BN Multi is a BN Healthy business that supports all Bariatric & Weight Loss Patients including those who have undergone Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve surgery

What BN Healthy offers:

nutritionist support

wls community


wls stories

simple recipes

tips and tricks

On this journey to becoming your best self,
we're here for you!

Our mission is simple, personal and positive.
Our business and family of products help people make the most of life's every moment.
And we know that we're very lucky to have such a meaningful purpose.
But our brand is not only about selling our market-leading BN Healthy Multi Vitamins.

There's far more to it.

From the very first day we opened for business, our bariatric nutrition products have been formulated in accordance with clinical best practice.
We love getting to know our customers. Their ambitions and transformations are very much our own. We feel the joys of their turning points, the elation of their successes and the pain of their failures. That's why we're not afraid to say ''Well done, you'' or to hand out a hearty ''Congratulations''. It's also why we ask ''How are you?''.

We help them take care of their bodies, so as they can write a new chapter in their lives.

We know their needs. We've seen these transformations and been on this wonderful journey before - and we just love helping them make the most of their lives.

BN Healthy's Weight Loss Surgery products include a range of premium quality supplements formulated with essential nutrients specifically designed to support your nutritional well-being.

When you feel your best, you look your best, allowing the best version of yourself an opportunity to shine.
We hope BN Healthy will educate, inspire and encourage you to live the best life in your new journey.