Jacqui Lewis - 16  Dec 2020

Weight Loss Maintenance

Once you arrive at your ideal weight, the new focus will be on maintaining this healthy new YOU!

Some patients have to work at stopping the weight loss, while others find that once hunger returns, fighting weight regain is hard.
A certain amount of regain (about 5%) is expected along the way. Larger fluctuations in weight are not helpful to your health so regular monitoring is needed.
If you are having trouble keeping the weight off - go back to the beginning with your portion management tools to be sure you are eating the right amount of protein carbs and fats in the correct portion size for your small tummy. If you are really stuck - seek counselling and support from your professional team. 

If you need to stop the weight loss once you meet your desired ideal weight, try adding more healthy calories using the following ideas:
Peanut butter added to smoothies
Add avocado to meals, and smoothies
Flax/olive/coconut oil are all healthy fats that will add health benefit and calories
Add an extra protein snack into your day.
Dries fruit and nuts pack a nutritional and nutritional punch and are small size with higher caloric values that will help to slow weight loss.

Try these Portion Management Ideas to keep you on track  

Silicone Portion Mat

Silicone portion mat

Here's portion management made for all places and situations with our new Silicone Portion Mat.
Place on any sized plate so you can rest assured you will stick to the rules!

Portion Lunch box

Portion Lunch box

Portion Lunch boxes are available with 4 or 6 compartments. 
Leakproof with removable inner tray
They are made of ABS (outer shell), inner tray is made of tritan durable and easy to clean.

Portion Plate and Bowl Kit

BN Portion plate and bowl

The Bnmulti Bariatric kit (Melamine) includes the actual Bnmulti Plate and Bowl (melamine) that is used in the pictures, the Portion Perfection book for Bariatrics 2019 Edition and a Healthy Snack Bible 2018 Edition to take to the supermarket.

E-zy Snax

e-zy snax

Set of 4 hermetic boxes for storing food in the refrigerator or freezer and microwave or oven heating; Ideal for baby meals because without BPA. The handle allows you to take them with you while keeping the food cool.

Portion Rings

Portion Rings

A Meal & Snack Measuring Tool
Starting a new meal plan is easier with the right information and a little preparation.
Contains six portion sized measuring rings, a 64-page info book and laminated reference guide.

Article credit : Jacqui Lewis

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