Jacqui Lewis - 17  Dec 2020

Hair Skin and Nail Health

Hair loss is a major concern for many after WLS
Research shows that the nutrients responsible are B12, Zinc, Folate, Iron, Essential Fats and Protein.

All your Nutritional “ducks” need to be in a row to make sure you are healthy enough on the inside to spare the nutrients needed to make your hair skin and nails.
Topical shampoos and conditioners may make your hair feel better, but it's what's inside that counts.  

Taking your BN multivitamins twice a day every day will help to maintain healthy levels of these nutrients and they provide perfect coverage

Try these products and to promote healthy Hair Skin and Nails

BN Multi Caps and Chews
BN Iron if levels are low
 Formulite Meal Replacements
Protein Planer Book - Sally Johnson
Happy Gut Healthy Weight - Arun Dhir

BN Chews

Silicone portion mat

BN Caps

Portion Lunch box

Poor nutritional outcomes upwards of 82% have been reported after WLS.
Vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, and iron are key. Other nutrients, including B group, A, D, K, minerals, Zinc and Copper may also become deficient, leading to negative health effects including long-term disability


Silicone portion mat

Whey Protein Isolate
Superior Absorption  -  Support Lean Muscle  -  Boost Immunity
Low Fat, Carbs & Lactose  -  High Luceine  -  Boost Antioxidants

BN Iron

Silicone portion mat

BN Iron contains iron which aids healthy red blood cell production and supports blood health and haemoglobin synthesis.

Iron helps maintain transport of oxygen in the body, supports energy levels and healthy immune system.

Formulite Shake

Portion Lunch box

Formulite Meal replacements with Pre and Probiotic.
The delicious shakes are bursting with goodness – each serve providing a healthy balance of high-protein, low-carb and low-sugar INGREDIENTS - in one convenient, delicious and nutritious shake.

Happy Gut, Healthy Weight

e-zy snax

Arun Dhir - Happy Gut, Healthy Weight Book

Protein Planner

Portion Rings

Sally Johnson - Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery Protein Planner

Article credit : Jacqui Lewis

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