The BNspired platform is created to inspire our family, friends and anyone considering or who has previously had Weight Loss Surgery (WLS).

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Only you have lived your story, and we aspire to provide a platform for a wide selection of your incredible efforts, the challenges you have overcome, and the successes of having Bariatric Surgery.

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When you share your WLS journey and how it has impacted you, you show people they are not alone. Your story can show that overcoming any WLS difficulties is possible and raises the opportunity for connection.

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BN Healthy is committed to delivering a safe community to share your story. We strive to break down the stigma around obesity and Bariatric Surgery with ethical, individual storytelling.

BNspired Stories with Akevai Johanson

Have you listened to someone share a life experience and thought, 'Wow, someone else has been through that too? I thought it was just me!' Akevai is one of our community members who continuously inspire us and everyone else to keep pursuing a healthier life. Whether you're a busy mum or a businessman, you're welcome to join BNspired.

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Please help build our BNspiring stories, sharing some aspects of your journey to empowerment, In the end, we all become stories - and your story matters!

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Margaret Woodhouse

I’m so well. I had a heart scan when my brother died unexpectedly from heart disease. It came back with less than 10% chance of heart disease. The hardest part was when a really good friend never once commented on my loss. All my friends and acquaintances have, even people I don’t know very well, but this one friend hasn’t said a word. That hurts...

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Belle A

Very best part is that I am able to actually enjoy life with my family and go on the kids swing now and the joy in my daughters face while spending time with her rather than sitting on the side line...

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Vanessa Trott

I’m happier than I’ve ever been, I’m more confident than I’ve ever been and for the first time I also feel attractive. I hope others on this journey feel the same way about themselves as I do...

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Molly Oliver

The best result I've had, is NOW being smaller than 2 of my sisters. I had to laugh, my sister asked me for all my fat clothes. The 2 hardest things that I had to endure, is the loss of my lovely long hair and now the excess skin. My partner will pay for the excess skin to be removed if I want to...

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Brittany Cheel

For the first time in my adult life I felt confident in flying and sitting in an airplane seat without having to wear a seat belt extender and feeling like my body touches someone else. I love being about to cross my legs!...

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Averly Carroll

My love and passion for fitness, I believe it's kept my mind right, my weight stable and made me strong...

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Sheryl Schofield

I don’t have to wear baggy clothes Getting used to portion size...

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Leeanne Mcfadyen

My health being in my hands !! Being able to exercise to live a more healthy lifestyle The hardest was to believe when I stalled 

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Bel Roberts

Apart from the health benefits which go without saying, the best thing is shopping for clothes in normal size stores. The hardest part for me has been eating out. I do miss eating out with friends, but I have adapted. I take a container with me for leftovers...

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Nikki Klimo

The very best thing is no need for medication for a chronic health condition, no monthly jabs. The hardest part is the social aspect, hard to go out to dinner and socialize...

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Charlie Palupe

The best thing that has resulted from my surgery is mindset around obesity and my relationship with food and exercise...

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Jessica Thompson

The best thing is having a new lease on life and wanting to do more things with my little family! I even want to buy a bike to go on a weekend ride with my done!...

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Deborah Smith

‘Living life again’ in the best part of this journey and the hardest part was to be honest ‘nothing’...

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Tali Forwood

Being healthy, being to participate in more activities. The mind games your head plays on you. I have lost 40kgs and my eyes still see the big person. 

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Best is not constantly thinking- will I fit? Will Sears hold me? Hardest part- a6 weeks of struggling to keep much down. I should’ve told my surgeon sooner...

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Nicole Lattin

The hardest part has been recognising and accepting the new version of me. It's also the best part, seeing the worth you had all along...

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Tracy Edge

The best thing is that I have so much energy to enjoy my grandkids, and to know I have given my body a chance to actually be here when they grow up...

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Jaymee Schmitt

The best thing about having surgery is being able to be more involved in my family and being able to practice sports with my son and enjoy life again. Keeping up with protein can be very difficult so make sure you get your protein powders and take your vitamins...

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